Drumming For Success - Dr. Arvin Scott, Creator, Manager & Director



20 Yrs. of DFS Was Launched By Seven Words 

From a Child

      In 1997,  I created Drumming for Success—an award-winning, motivational program for children, teens, and adults because  I was inspired by two letters I received from a young boy and his sister who thanked me for spending time with them on my break at a jazz gig in Athens Ga.  I had just left the bandstand to take a brief intermission when the grand mother of two children approached me & said that her grand children were mesmerized by my drumming &  my instrument. She asked if it would be ok for them to take an up-close look at my drum kit during my break.  I said of course and I gave them a tour of the kit, explained how each component functions, and gave both of them a pair of my drumsticks.  Then a few days later I received two heart-felt thank you letters from the two children.  One of the letters began with “Dear Mr. Dr. Arvin Scott”, I want to thank you for spending time with me on your break showing me the parts of your drum set, etc.  Finally, the letter ended with these 7 words:  “I play with my sticks every day. ”

      I said,  I see an opportunity here to create a program that can have a lasting, empowering impact on the lives of children primarily, but also would benefit on the lives of children, teens, adults, seniors, and the elderly”.   So I immediately quit my weekly jazz gig and created weekly, Community Drumming Workshops. These workshops within a few short weeks evolved into my award-winning Drumming for Success motivational youth programs that for the past 21 years have been widely recognized for advocating strength of character, personal & academic goal achievement, positive self-esteem, self-confidence, perseverance, group co-operation, and team work for thousands of children, teens, & adults in communities and institutions throughout the state of Georgia, & beyond.